6 Position multi-function switch providing circuits for three pickup guitars; HH coil-split; piezo pickups; HSH and HSS schemes in particular. The 3X3-03 has 15 terminal connections providing flexibility for all kinds of variations on the above schemes and scope for custom circuit design as well.


Available in Nickel and Gold finishes.




6 Position dedicated-function Free-Way Switch designed for twin humbucker guitars. This model has 9 terminal connections and offers the three traditional humbucker settings together with the inner and outer coils of each pickup in parallel and the inner coils in series. JJ Guitars who already has a long-standing interest in these pickup voicings, showed such an affinity with this particular model that we are now joint branding the 3X3-04 model as 'Free-Way Switch - JJ Custom Works Edition'.


For more information please visit:-    www.jjcustomworks.com




Free-Way Ultra. 6 Position switching but with an amazing 28 terminal connections for creating the most sophisticated circuits. Each of the 6 positions is accessible and can have almost any pickup arrangement you choose! The Free-Way Ultra enables pickups (or coils) to be connected in series, in parallel and out of phase with each other so that complex switching functions can be performed all in one place. The Free-Way Ultra looks and operates exactly like the other models and, measuring 35mm in diameter, it is still very compact and retro-fittable into most guitars. 


Available in Nickel and Gold finishes.




The 3X3-07 models combine 6 position Free-Way switching with a pre-wired cable harness which is factory terminated onto the switch, thus removing the need for any special soldering or the sourcing/preparing of shielded multi-core cable during install.  This model offers trade friendly installation while still providing flexibility for coil-tapping; piezo pickup and three pickup guitars. The result is a fast professional standard install into any LP (or similar) format guitar with ease. Further variations are available for OEM customers.    


Available in Nickel and Gold finishes.