New for 2018 - the incredible Free-Way Blade switches represent the ultimate in tonal flexibility.


6-position and 10-position Blade models look and feel just like traditional blade switches - except that they provide an additional bank of positions where all the 'missing' pickup combinations are instantly available. Completely intuitive to use, retro-fittable and visually undetectable - the Free-Way Blade switches provide unrivalled tonal freedom. 




The Free-Way Blade Switches can be used on SSS, HSS, SS, HHH and HH guitars offering an additional bank of pickup selections. 


The video opposite was created by our friends at Willows Guitar and demonstrates the Free-Way 5B5-01 10 position

Switch installed on a HSS Sunset Custom and shows the amazing tonal versatility which this guitar is capable of.










When you first play a guitar with a Free-Way switch, you might not even realise it is there - the guitar doesn't look any diferent and the pickup selector feels just like a normal 3-way toggle giving Neck/Both/Bridge selections.


It's only when you realise that the Free-Way switch moves into another three forward positions that you understand what the Free-Way is all about.


A whole new dimension in natural tone - coil tap; phase; piezo; parallel; series... you decide! Fast, intuitive switching - all in one familiar place so it's easy to understand and use. Classic looks - completely maintains the authentic design, appearance and condition of any guitar.